Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dog Gifts

Now you can't tell me that you don't know a dog owner who does not give their dogs Christmas gifts? I am one of them but I know I am not alone. Dogs have become the new children, sorry but it's true. Here are some cute and some crazy gifts ideas.

Doggy Popcorn: You can admit it you like to share your popcorn with your pooch during a good movie night. Now you don't have to share and they can have their own. I haven't tried it yet on my dog but mine will eat anything. All natural and doggy safe. Check it out!

Fashion Dog Collars: Always a safe bet for your dog or for any dog lover. These are handmade and in limited numbers, no dog wants to be caught wearing the same collar as another. DUH! I prefer to have girly collars so no one asks, "What's his name?" Always a plus if they match my outfit too.

Doggy Treat Machine: So adorable and easy that Fido can now treat himself. Fill with their favorite treat, show him a couple times how to get the treats and he will be emptying the machine in no time. You may need to switch to low-fat treats after this gift.

Doggy Pajamas: Everyone I know gets pajamas for Christmas, now it's Fido's turn. These cute night time outfits will keep your pet nice and warm all night long (that's if they will keep it on). I know it's crazy but it's so cute I had to post it.

Dog closet: Okay, I admit I would never buy this but I found it and couldn't not post it. This is an actual dog closet to hang all of your dog's clothes. Who would have thought of it? Okay, I know some people who might actually use this. They also sell the hangers separately.

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