Saturday, November 15, 2008

Holiday Cocktail Party Dresses

Although I am yet to have a Holiday Cocktail Party (most of my Holiday parties are jeans casual) I would wear any of these to a party. These dresses are for the age range of 18-30 but I would love to help find the perfect Holiday dress for any age or body type, just e-mail me at

Dress 1. This stunning blue silk dress is a perfect tasteful Holiday dress that will get the attention you were looking for. I also think this dress would look great in a multiple of other colors.

Dress 2. This might be a new favorite dress! This black and white dress is classy and sexy at the same time. The black slims the right parts while the white highlights the best parts. This dress could also double as a work dress. This style is hot right now and available in a wide variety of price points.

Dress 3. Awwww the simple black cocktail dress, the must-have! What I liked about this one is the flowy bottom of the dress, not too tight and not too revealing. The wide straps make it more Winter appropriate and I think it would look great on almost all body types.

Dress 4. 3/4 length silk dress. This style is very popular right now and I only wish I had the legs to show it off. I thought the brown was a very different color then we have been seeing of this dress but it comes in many colors and variations. I think if you have the body for this dress then work it girl!

Dress 5. This red Holiday dress reminds me of a X-Mas package. This dress is definitely sexier but maybe you have a hot date to the party, if so, then this is your dress. It's my favorite designer and you can't go wrong with BCBG.

Dress 6. This BCBG dress is another sexy must-have!
This dress was also worn by Holly Madison at Bridget's Murder Mystery Birthday Party. It also comes in beige and white. I have to add this to my closet!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kid's Gifts

We all know the toy department is the most visited place in the store during the Holidays, it's because that's where all of the fun is. Kid's are easy to shop for with all of the options of toys in the market. I found a few unique items to mention although you don't even need ideas, just walk through the aisles and you'll be buying a lot more items then you anticipated.

Kid's Rock Band- As if they needed encouragement to want to be in a rock band. They now make high-quality kid's instruments that are pretty durable. No guarantee what your child's ability to play the instrument is. No matter if they sound good or not it's a present most young one's will enjoy.

Bath Lego Soaps- Bath time was so much more enjoyable as a kid when you had toys. These adorable little soaps actually act like legos, so build away. Made from all natural ingredients, good thing in case they accidentially get a little hungry. Great stocking stuffer!

Tie Shirt- Little boys aren't too fond of the suit and tie, this is a great alternative. It's fun and comfortable which allows little boys to still act like little boys. I will be getting a few little boys these for Christmas.

Travel Bib- The travel bib is very important for any busy family. This travel bib comes complete with a whole package of wet wipes, fork and spoon. If only it cleaned itself!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

X-Mas and Holiday Decor Items

I tend to want to purchase all new Holiday items this year of year (every year). I found some great small items that won't run me over budget since I guess I need to save some money for X-Mas presents. Christmas and Holiday decor items are also make great great gifts, especially as a hostess present for Holiday parties.

Snowflakes: These multi-shaped snowflakes are removable white decals. It will always look like it's snowing and makes for a good excuse to stay in and cozy up on the couch with a movie. Available in multiple colors and a come at a very affordable price point. These can be used all over your house, kicthen, bathroom, containers or whatever you can dream up.
Theme Napkins: I love that you can put these out earlier because of the color but are still festive. Something about cloth napkins makes everything feel more festive. These are also a simple and easy DIY project for you or the family. Just buy basic colored napkins and add any cloth cutout by stitching or fabric glue to the napkins. The options are endless. Great gift idea for a small budget.

Holiday Banner: Another great DIY project and could be created for more than just Christmas. Great to make for Birthdays and Congratulations party. I have also found count down banners for chidren, they get to take one number off each day. A great idea to make any home more cheerful.

Christmas Tree Wall Decal: If you are like me and limited on either space or money (both for me) then this is your option. This wall decals come in either one time use or reusable options. The graphic varies from where you purchase them but all are a great idea to get the tree of your dreams. Eco-friendly too :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dog Gifts

Now you can't tell me that you don't know a dog owner who does not give their dogs Christmas gifts? I am one of them but I know I am not alone. Dogs have become the new children, sorry but it's true. Here are some cute and some crazy gifts ideas.

Doggy Popcorn: You can admit it you like to share your popcorn with your pooch during a good movie night. Now you don't have to share and they can have their own. I haven't tried it yet on my dog but mine will eat anything. All natural and doggy safe. Check it out!

Fashion Dog Collars: Always a safe bet for your dog or for any dog lover. These are handmade and in limited numbers, no dog wants to be caught wearing the same collar as another. DUH! I prefer to have girly collars so no one asks, "What's his name?" Always a plus if they match my outfit too.

Doggy Treat Machine: So adorable and easy that Fido can now treat himself. Fill with their favorite treat, show him a couple times how to get the treats and he will be emptying the machine in no time. You may need to switch to low-fat treats after this gift.

Doggy Pajamas: Everyone I know gets pajamas for Christmas, now it's Fido's turn. These cute night time outfits will keep your pet nice and warm all night long (that's if they will keep it on). I know it's crazy but it's so cute I had to post it.

Dog closet: Okay, I admit I would never buy this but I found it and couldn't not post it. This is an actual dog closet to hang all of your dog's clothes. Who would have thought of it? Okay, I know some people who might actually use this. They also sell the hangers separately.

If you would like more information on any of the items posted or to use me as a personal shopping, e-mail me at