Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kid's Gifts

We all know the toy department is the most visited place in the store during the Holidays, it's because that's where all of the fun is. Kid's are easy to shop for with all of the options of toys in the market. I found a few unique items to mention although you don't even need ideas, just walk through the aisles and you'll be buying a lot more items then you anticipated.

Kid's Rock Band- As if they needed encouragement to want to be in a rock band. They now make high-quality kid's instruments that are pretty durable. No guarantee what your child's ability to play the instrument is. No matter if they sound good or not it's a present most young one's will enjoy.

Bath Lego Soaps- Bath time was so much more enjoyable as a kid when you had toys. These adorable little soaps actually act like legos, so build away. Made from all natural ingredients, good thing in case they accidentially get a little hungry. Great stocking stuffer!

Tie Shirt- Little boys aren't too fond of the suit and tie, this is a great alternative. It's fun and comfortable which allows little boys to still act like little boys. I will be getting a few little boys these for Christmas.

Travel Bib- The travel bib is very important for any busy family. This travel bib comes complete with a whole package of wet wipes, fork and spoon. If only it cleaned itself!

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