Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stocking Stuffers

For some Stocking Stuffers are the hardest thing to buy- for others they are the easiest. This blog entry is dedicated to those who need some help in new and creative stocking stuffers idea so the recipient doesn't end up with a new toothbrush and toothpaste.

Vinyl Record Bowls- These bowls are becoming very popular. Most artists allow you to pick a record and from there they will create you a custom bowl Perfect for dry snacks, loose change, keys and anything else you want to use it for. Some options also fold down for easy storage. I have one at home!

Digital Photo Watch- This is actually pretty practical. Next time someone asks you what time it is you can also show them a picture of your dog sitting on Santa's lap or rub in the fact that you just travelled around Europe. Good for those techy and not so much techy people, grandma will love it!!!

FM ipod Transmitter- I know a couple of people that I need to get this for. This small device plugs into your ipod and will play radio stations from your ipod. This is great for those who need to turn into the football game or for when you are at the gym and you can turn into the tv's. I might just be adding this to my Santa wishlist.

Gloves- The concept has been around for such a long time but I know way too many who just don't own any or wear any. Why would anyone enjoy cold hands? They are a great fashion statement to top off any great peacoat and handmade scarf. I am offically bringing gloves back.

Denture Soap- Maybe I am weird but I get a kick out of funny soap. I think this would be so funny to have sitting on your sink when guests come over for the Holidays. Not for the easily offended or confused (think of grandma forgettting their fake).

Recipe Book- This handmade recipe book (doesn't need to be handmade by you, that's what online shopping is for) is great for any cook. It will help them remember to write down their latest million dollar recipe and maybe they will share in the proceeds.