Friday, October 24, 2008

Geekery Gifts

We all know and love at least one geek. I happen to know too many. Here are some ideas I have added to my X-Mas shopping list for my nerds.

Left Laptop Screens: Since laptops are the new accessory, you can't let your geek be without their laptop skins, why that would just make their laptops naked. Laptop skins come in all types of designs and can be purchased all over the internet now. No more ghetto bumper stickers on the precious laptop.

Right Retro Webcam: This ultra fun webcam is a great gift for anyone but especially those computer nerds. Perfect for photos, online chatting and even (for some) online dating. I don't consider myself a computer nerd but I am adding this to my wishlist.
Left USB fan: Maybe I just love this because it's cute and little. This small actual working fan is perfect for those long and hot days in the cubicle. I am not so sure how powerful the fan is but I like it anyway. Just stocking stuffer or filler gift.
Right Oprah's Favorite Things, The Kindle: I saw this on Oprah today and now I can't stop thinking about it. It is a digital book, but not your typical book. Selling points: completely wireless allowing book downloads anywhere, store up to 200 books on one memory card, includes dictionary to look up words, no more carrying heavy books around, even allows newspapers and magazines to be downloaded and lifetime backup storage on Not quiet stocking stuffer price but totally worth the money.

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